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About us

Amidst the rhythmic heartbeat of Oslo’s Frogner, near Solli Plass, there’s a symphony of spices and tales being composed since 2005 Vijay Kumar Sharma and Sharda Sharma, having sailed the seas from India in the 1980s, found their anchor in Norway’s pristine beauty, and their passion? To spill the colorful canvas of India’s culinary arts onto the plates of Oslo’s discerning diners.

Each dish from our original establishment tells a story – a tale of an Indian summer, a monsoon romance, or a winter evening by a Punjabi fireplace. These are the pages of Vijay and Sharda’s gastronomic diary, filled with memories and traditions of their beloved homeland.

With the dawning of 2020, a new star was added to our culinary constellation; Aura. A place where traditions are not just preserved but also painted in modern strokes. At Aura, we invite you to a dance of flavors from the classic alleys of India with a contemporary twist, making every bite an exploration.

Our heartbeat synchronizes with the vibrant rhythms of Punjab and Rajasthan, the northwestern jewel of India. These provinces, known for their bustling bazaars, melodious folk songs, and aromatic kitchens, inspire our essence. When you step into our Aura, you’re not just entering a restaurant; you’re embarking on a journey – one that promises a rich tapestry of flavors, memories, and emotions.

Join our voyage, savor our legacy. Let us, together, pen a delicious chapter in the heart of Oslo.


Oscars gate 81, 0256 Oslo

Email: post@aurarestaurant.no

Phone: +47 22 55 39 30

Opening hours

Mon-Sat: 17:00 – 22:00

(The kitchen closes at 21:30)

Sun: closed

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